Sunday, December 31, 2017

Quick run to Amboy and Kelso Depot yesterday

If a three hour one way drive can be considered quick.

My friend, Leroy Murray, rode along with me but I did all the driving in the new Morongomobile, a
2013 VW Passat, which recently was rear ended in Santa Ana by an elderly driver. After a couple days at Caliber Collision it was good as new.

So part of the reason for the 360 plus mile drive was to road test the vehicle. It performed well and got 36.9 miles per gallon to boot!

This accident really stressed the heck out of me. So a trip out to the wide open spaces was in order.

We stopped at Roy's Gas Station in Amboy, which is now owned by the founder of the Juan Pollo fast food chain, in fact, he owns the whole town! The place was jumping so we grabbed a few of the Route 66 Root beers they sale and hit the road. Next up was Kelso Depot, which was closed unfortunately. So we turned around and headed back home. On the way out of the Mojave National Preserve we stopped and took a few shots near the Granite Mountains. Nothing special, we missed the great light moments already.

For some reason, I was interested in a location and took three different photos of it.

That's all for this post. Try to stay sober if you drive tonight.