Saturday, February 6, 2016

E-book taken down from Amazon for reformatting

I may be pretty good at losing weight and keeping it off but I am terrible with word processing
and the business of properly formatting an e-book for publication on Amazon or anywhere else.

Amazon has notified me that there are errors which cause the e-book to not display properly on
some Kindle devices and those errors must be corrected. I attempted to do so yesterday, along
with proofing the document and correcting the typos I found; but upon attempting to upload it to Amazon, I
was informed that it was in the wrong format and that I cannot figure out how to correct.

So I must hire another professional to fix my amateur mistakes.

I really don’t know how long this will take and I am tired of worrying about it so I am going to mull it
over and start the search process to find a competent pro.

Sorry about the hassle, if you have already obtained the e-book, relax, the information it contains is
accurate and will work as outlined in the plan. Keep at it and let me know how your weightloss is going
here in the comments or email me at:


William McDonald

P.S. Due to this problem I have removed the link to the e-book at Amazon.