Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Yes, I am a medical marijuana patient

At 63, guess I am back to my 20’s which was the last time that I had cannabis. In those days
it was via smoking. I didn’t smoke cigarettes so the marijuana smoke led to a lot of coughing.

Anyway I got out and didn’t touch it for decades. Got drug tested for work many times, all clean.
In the bus driving business, you had to be clean as a positive test for marijuana could lead to a
lifetime ban from commercial driving.

Now that I have lost all desire to drive passengers or freight around, my options are different when it
comes to dealing with anxiety, stress and sleep issues, as well as my benign tremor.

From anecdotal evidence, from people that I know, marijuana had a good effect on many ailments,
including possibly mine. So I started looking into how to become a medical marijuana patient.
Being a veteran in the VA care system, I had to determine their opinion of the issue. Their opinion is NO
help with it but if you live in a state that allows m/m, they will not interfere or cut off your benefits for
becoming a m/m patient.

Anyway I signed up online with a doctor and got my California recommendation.

Then I went to a couple of dispensaries where I bought a variety of edibles, including to Mini Shot drinks
from Montel Williams company, Lenitiv Labs. I tried one yesterday and started getting more relaxed
right away. The product is absorbed instantly as you drink it. My only problem is that it is so well
boxed up that it was all I could do to get it open, destroying the box in the process!

Basically the two main components of marijuana are the THC which is where you get the high, and CBD
or I would call it cannabis oil, cannabidiol, which does not get you high. Most likely, my first medication
efforts will be the CBD route.

I also bought a vape pen, a vaporizer, which heats a concentrated oil to produce inhalable medical vapors.
Kind of like smoking an E-cigarette, but with no nicotine. I haven’t tried it yet as I have been concentrating on 
figuring out the edibles part first.

I can say that my girlfriend told me that my hands don’t seem as shaky and she thinks that I am sleeping
better. I feel like I am as well.

One thing that has influenced me in this has been Willie Nelson’s experiences with pot. It sure doesn’t appear
to have hurt his career or life any. I think maybe it calmed him down a bit. I hope it works for me as well, to get
rid of the rough edges that have developed as I move further along in the age process.