Monday, June 9, 2014

End of the damn line

My last post regarding Russian President Putin’s comments on success being measured
by not firing your missiles has had a handful of reads. Remember now that we are in a very
dangerous time with the war tocsin being sounded at the highest levels in the governments of our
country and in Europe- as an example 2 B-2 BOMBERS just being sent to Europe and a U.S. Navy ship with nuclear first strike potential sailing into the Black Sea, plus fighter jets to NATO allies such as Poland etc.

On the other hand, my post with Prince playing the second lead of “While my guitar gently weeps” is going out the door like gangbusters- people can’t get enough of Prince. He’s a hell of a musician.

I ask you which do you think is more important in the grand scheme of things, averting a possible
World War III or Prince bending a few notes?

Better charge up your iPod while the power’s still on.

Keep listening to the jams while our so called “elites” lead us right into a hot shooting war with
Russia and China.

This blog is being retired right now. I have had it- keep watching the main stream presstitutes while the country gets flushed right down the f—king drain.

Don’t worry, I will keep the Prince link up.

MorongobillAngry smile

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

“Measure your success by non-fired missiles!”

Here is a video where Russian then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was at a Swedish Press Conference
and was asked about the NATO attacks on Libya and Khadafi.

Pretty good advice given here.

Contrary to all the hot air coming out of the Imperial Capitol in D.C., I think honest people
who think for themselves can agree that this is no “Hitler in the making” but a thoughtful
leader trying to think about doing what is right.

Folks,this is a preview of my new blog direction starting now. I have been filled with unease for a long time
about decisions made and the groupthink that led to the decisions emanating out of Washington.
I am alarmed; do those people like Obama and Company really believe all that Neocon bullshit
about America and Americans being the “Chosen Ones,” the “Exceptional Ones” and that we shall
determine who lives and who dies, on this planet?

They have truly gone insane in Washington and We the  People need to wake up to the new power reality

We the People need to wake up and learn how the rest of the world views our government and its’ Jackboot
policies. Hint- they think we have all gone nuts and are drunk with power and yes, that absolute power
is absolutely corrupting us.

I plan on having lots to say on this and other related topics at this blog. The emphasis will change from desert issues to the new reality of life under the “Pax Americana” and how it is affecting this little blue orb
that is home to so many billions of humans and other species; the only home that we have and that needs
no further “fouling of the nest!”

A housekeeping note- there is no way for me to delete the followers so I will just keep that part of the site hidden. You will have to unfollow this site, through your Google Blogger settings. I am confident that you did
not sign up here thinking that one day you might attract the interest of one or two of the “Alphabet security
agencies” of the U.S. government! So this is your chance to bail out now. Same for the other sites that list
this blog and drive traffic to this site, drop me now and bail! No hard feelings and thank you all so much for the listing of my site at yours.

This is both a Democrat and Republican party issue as this has been building up since the Clinton administration at least, there is plenty of blame to dump on both parties. Although I am liberal in my politics,
I don’t turn a blind eye to so called liberals such as Obama, marching us straight away off to totalitarianism.

It is about time that I finally got my ass up off the couch and away from the television to start telling how
I feel about this trend to the American Gulag, whether anyone else believes the way I do or not.

There will still be desert trip reports when I get out that way but they will be rare, this place will be going off in a different direction, most likely with a new audience.

I have enjoyed having folks visit here and hope to see you again.

Here is a site that I would like to share with you as a parting gift. This blog is devoted to the situation in the Ukraine’s Russian language regions, which are now being attacked by the Kiev government. Check it out for an alternative to the propaganda coming out of the mainstream media which is being spoon fed from


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cliven Bundy’s full video that has offended so many

I have written about this here and as comments to an article over at the Black Agenda Report.

There really isn’t too much left to say, my opinion is out there that in one 3 minute video he singlehandedly
managed to divide his followers and scare off a lot of “sunshine” friends to his cause. In other words, he
played right into the hands of mortal enemies such as Senator Harry Reid, and literally gave them the rope to hang him with.

I really fear that a federal response involving a secretly impaneled Grand Jury issuing indictments and a small army to serve them will happen within a couple of weeks, and likely resulting in much shedding of blood, and strongly advise Mr. Bundy to seek legal help now before it is too late.

Live to fight another day in other words. And may I suggest that treatment be sought for the severe case
of “boot in mouth” disease.

Here is the video and go over to the BAR link above for a contrary view and my comments on that view.

Watch the whole video and listen carefully. He does not utter the “n” word as was alleged by some.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

There might be better guitarists but no better solos…

Than this one by David Gilmour and Pink Floyd capping off “Comfortably Numb” from their Pulse Dvd
concert of 1994.

Gilmour like Eric Clapton always seemed to put out just the right amount of notes, no more and no less, than required to make the music come alive.

Film buffs will remember that line from Amadeus by the Emperor to Mozart who had the temerity to ask His Majesty which notes did he have in mind to cut or words to that effect.

“Simply too many notes!”

Just the right amount of notes!”

In the above concert footage, Gilmour plays an extended second solo which coincides with the stage
show, below is the original solo from the studio version of the song.

Listen to both, which solo do you prefer?


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bundy’s fate, only a waiting game now.

This will not have a happy ending, present trends continuing.

As I write this and you read it, you can be assured that the forces of oppression and
suppression are hard at work laying the foundation for the impending raid on Bunkerville
which will be the end of the line for the Bundy’s and their supporters.

There is no doubt about it. If it hasn’t already been impaneled, a secret Grand Jury will be
called and catchall indictments will be issued for anyone or anybody that the feds think was
involved in the conspiracy that led to their humiliating retreat from the cattle roundup; indictments
in hand, a massive raid will be launched in the pre-dawn hours that may end up being the
bloodiest since Waco.

The feds, under General Holder(involved in the assault on Waco) only know one way and
it involves the gun and overwhelming force, this Bunkerville they feel is a nest of seditionists and must be
wiped out as a lesson to others.

The federal government and Harry Reid will brook no opposition and will instantly react when miracles
fall into their laps as the other day when Cliven Bundy shared his thoughts with the New York Times
and the world on the state of black Americans and under what conditions they would be better off.

That little interview, I am afraid, may have sealed the man’s fate and that of his followers. Only a waiting game now, for the heavy jackboot to drop down on their heads.

Allow me to speak from the heart now. Growing up in the Deep South, I heard talk like that throughout
my childhood. I still hear talk like that today, over 40 years later. I am not excusing his remarks, but the man
is from a different era and a different time; it is almost like he has been dropped out of a time capsule from
long ago into a world that thinks and speaks almost in a different language. What I am saying is his words
while crude and no doubt hurtful to some, were not the words of a raving lunatic or a cross burning Klan
member. The man is a throwback to the old America when eloquence was rare, often expressed more with
a hard fist or an accurate shot, than with words.

The reaction of blacks around him and those who know him speak volumes. That is the opinion that counts to me. The problem is that his words were the invitation that Reid and his gang were waiting for- they know that the “sunshine” friends would desert Bundy, the political class would remove their support and protection- this was their chance to isolate him and set him and his followers up for the kill.

So I am afraid that it is all over but the crying. It is only a waiting game as the feds line up all their ducks
by getting the secret indictments, wooing over the local law enforcement to make the impending raid more of a local effort, getting the local news media to start telling the “true story” about the man and his followers,
line up the alphabet agencies and making sure that they have plenty of ammo and that everyone has photos of the ringleaders- wrapping this up nice and tight so that there will be no mistakes and that the
eradication of the problem is finally achieved and that this is done in such a way as to be a lesson to all
not to challenge the power of the various governmental bureaucracies.

It really looks bleak for the man and his family. And for his ranch and way of life. My best guess is that the land will one day be plastered over with mirrors or windmills, or used for one of the tortoise mitigation schemes; bottom line the land is already coveted for that purpose by certain groups as the now infamous
and (un)deleted BLM webpage devoted to the “trespass cattle” clearly showed.

If there is any hope amongst the man and his supporters that they will one day be able to resume the ranching in that location, let me disabuse them of that notion. This land is reverting back to the feds and
those cattle will be gone, period. The only hope now is try to resume ranching elsewhere.

The only other options remaining are ending up on a slab or in a federal or state prison somewhere.

It is time, Mr. Bundy, to go to plan B, whatever that is. I suggest that you send feelers out to those groups
that have supported you regarding legal representation and that you do it now. Perhaps there is a way
where you can walk away with your head high and your point made, and without a single shot being fired.

The alternative is to continue being the sore thumb sticking out just waiting to be cut off, and have no doubt
that is the real intention of the federal government that you recently humiliated, to cut you off and to eradicate all traces of your ranch from the area, and of your family, if necessary.

Make the call, get some legal and negotiating help and live to carry the fight on and your way of life elsewhere on the range.

Above image courtesy Bundy Ranch and Fox News