Saturday, September 16, 2017

Thoughts on the Mojave National Preserve’s and the Castle Mountains Monument’s penny stock problem.

First up, the media darling, American Green and its celebrated purchase of the little town of
Nipton, for around 5 million dollars.

No way in Hell will this go through. No way.

Let me clearly state what American Green is. This is a little company that has been around for
about 19 years under various names. This company has managed to somehow survive, despite
its long record of over-promising and under-delivering, mainly by issuing what is known as convertible
debentures, which are then immediately sold as shares of common stock, I might add at some of
the most “onerous terms” in the industry per a prominent financial analyst. Onerous in that it screws
the current batch of common stock shareholders who bought and sold on the OTC market where
this outfit’s stock trades.

They have no achievements at all to boast about yet they are constantly putting out news releases,
leading some to suspect that said releases are just to get the stock buyers(mooches) primed for the next
batch of convertible debenture dumping.

By the way, did I mention that they have over 13 billion outstanding shares currently?

There is talk that the time limit is up today for American Green to finish their due diligence and
decide whether to go through with the deal or not. In other words, they can still get back their 200
thousand dollar deposit on the Nipton property. I look for that to happen unless they figure they can
get some more publicity value by hanging in there.

In any instance, in my opinion, they will not go through with this. Nothing in their management record
of accomplishment leads me to believe that they can get the funding necessary or have the brainpower
and good judgment to see the project to a profitable conclusion.

This deal is as dead as a doornail.

This is my opinion only. I am no stock analyst and am neither a buyer nor a short seller of American Green shares.

Let’s move on to my thoughts on Newcastle Gold and its re-opening of the gold mine next to the newly
created Castle Mountains Monument. I am paraphrasing here- perhaps you heard recently the remarks
made by one of NG’s top executives, Mr. Panneton, where he said that NG wasn’t “adequately”consulted in
the creation process for the new monument. I am probably mangling his quote, in fact, I am sure I am, memory
lapse in my old age, but the spirit of the quote is right on.

If he is referring directly to himself, he may be right. After all he joined the company a year or so ago. But
the company absolutely was consulted- what about the big Feinstein led Whitewater meeting where a top
executive for NG spoke up? I was in attendance and noted that Senator Feinstein went out of her way to get
the views of the mining and off-road stakeholders that were present.

I am convinced that Panneton’s remarks were aimed more for helping Rep. Paul Cook with his initiatives
to turn back the new monuments in the light of President Trump’s desire to cut back the same. Mutual back scratching
in other words.

Flash from the newsroom! Wake up out there and really let this next sink in!

This isn’t the old Newcastle Gold management team that stakeholders were working with!

This is a high powered bunch of players now sitting on the Board of Directors and forming the management team.
Led by Panneton and Richard Warke, both veterans of successful mining ventures, and Warke in particular, buying
hundreds of thousands of shares on the open market- these folks are serious players with many names in their Rolodex’s.
They get things done. The question to me and lots of folks is- will they stick around after the mine starts producing or will
they sell it out right after it starts up? Warke is known for doing that. Get a mine up and going and sell it for a profit.

Speaking of high powered, it is a fact that one of Warke’s mining ventures just brought the former Speaker of the House, John Boehner, aboard the Board of Directors. How long before he joins Newcastle Gold’s? You heard it here first. Is former Speaker Boehner involved with Paul Cook and the lobbying on behalf of Newcastle to reduce the size of the Castle Mountains Monument? I sure would like to know that answer. If he isn’t, I predict that he will be soon.