Sunday, January 24, 2010

About my backporch photograph

A friend asked me about this photograph and suggested I post about this.

In one of my older posts, I mentioned this is a "virtual" backporch here, but let me tell and show
you the real one that I photographed in 2004.

I am sure one or two folks know exactly where this photo was taken. For everyone else, here goes.

This is the famous Rock House off Cedar Canyon Rd in the Mohave National Preserve, my absolute favorite place in the whole world. This house was built by Bert Smith, who served in World War One in Europe and was
a gas attack survivor. He needed to live in a dry climate for his health and moved out to this site which is adjacent to Camp Rock Springs, used since ancient times as a water source for animals and people.

And another:

 Here is another of the location:

Here's my brother Andy walking back from an exploration of the springs:

This site is well worth a visit, I believe the house is still closed, but you can walk around it,walk down to the springs, there is even a vault toilet there on site near the house. I remember when we were there and I took
these photos, there was a note warning people not to bother it, I believe that note was left by a local artist who did own it but had moved across the valley to another place within binocular view!


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