Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amazing story and video, but sad at the same time.

I came across this today on the net. In April of 2007, while in DC to do a couple of concerts, Joshua Bell
was talked into acting as a street violinist at the L'ENFANT PLAZA STATION,by a couple of Washington Post reporters. He played his 300 year old Stradivarius violin for almost an hour, over 1000 people walked by
and he received a whopping $32 in tips. As a bus driver, I do better than that sometimes!

He had just performed that week and only one lady recognized him and she gave him $20!

The story is here:

There are 4 videos included of the performance lasting from about 35 seconds to over 2 minnutes long. I recommend watching all of them.

The 45 minute long audio is at this link:

Here is Joshua Bell's official website where you can listen to some free music as well as donload video:

It really is sad that hardly anyone stopped as they rushed on into the Metro station, and that they were so busy that there was no time or interest in hearing such virtuoso playing.


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