Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Latest on BrightSource Ivanpah project.

From the Press Enterprise January 20,2010:
"John Woolard, chief executive officer of Oakland-based BrightSource Inc., said the company's project near the Nevada state line depends on relocating at least 25 tortoises this fall from the Ivanpah Valley off Interstate 15.
The company must also pay for habitat elsewhere.
BrightSource and wildlife officials are looking at establishing a land acquisition fund that energy developers could fund to meet their habitat compensation requirements."

So it sounds like there is still time to derail this runaway freight train. I don't think they'll be scraping off the vegetation right away either. So I suggest if you can, go visit the area right away, take your camera or video,
explore the area,trek up to the Stateline widerness and look out and realize that the whole area's future is
riding on the backs of a few tortoises.

There is a tremendous amount of information on this project and many others at this website:

The top 2 stories entitled Ivanpah refer to the project I'm posting about and it's sibling which will be across the valley.

Stay tuned for another post later today. And please if you have any comments, you are encouraged to post them.


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