Friday, January 29, 2010

There's got to be an easier way to do this

I am referring to working with photographs on my blog.

These are the software products I use: Adobe Photoshop CS2, Paint Shop Pro X, Adobe Photoshop Elements,
and Irfanview. There may be another program or two I am forgetting to mention. In addition, to put the © notice,
I have used or tried out several but lately have been using the UMark Lite,which is freeware. Once the bus driving hours pickup and I start having discretionary income again, I'll probably buy the WinWatermark program.

Currently I use Irfanview or Picasa3 to search for and select the photos I use. Then I apply the watermark, and resize for the web with Irfanview. Then I post to my blog with Google blogger. It ends up taking forever.

I am thinking about downloading the new Lightroom from Adobe which you can use until 4/2010 for free,before it shuts down. That is a 120 meg download however!

And my sorting and storage is a nightmare as well, with numerous duplicates and all photos of all types in a mishmash on my hard drive and on cd's, some in my storage unit up in Joshua Tree, and some which I still have not located. For example, I did a huge number of photos of the Cadillac Ranch off I-40 in Amarillo, and can find only one.

I am looking for suggestions, also do any readers have any experience with the new Adobe Lightroom beta?

This blogger could use some advice. Also if any other bloggers are reading this, can you refer me to an online gallery where you can display and sell your photos? Perhaps if I sign up through you, you could get some sort
of referral fee perhaps.

Any comments,suggestions, or criticisms are welcome!

Thanks for reading my blog.


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