Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Throw his ass in jail, how dare he try to help the homeless!

There is an article in todays New York Times about Dan De Vaul, rancher and former alcoholic who has turned his 72 acres into a place where the homeless are housed, given work if they can't pay the 300$ a month to stay there, really given sanctuary from the streets. Since he is across the way from a million dollar home neighborhood, the nimby's have, through the code and law enforcement folks, attempted to bring him down.
After all, if they succeed, the homeless will just go somewhere else.

Mr. De Vaul was convicted of code violations in November and fined and sentenced to 90 days by the judge. Interestingly his bond was posted by a juror who felt pressured to convict. I guess everyone now is waiting for the appeal results.

The article is in todays NY Times, free registration may be required.

Here are a couple of links including Mr. De Vaul's non-profit foundation website:




Once I was homeless for a week when I ticked off someone I was living with, so this story had some meaning for me. I read several articles and it is obvious the gentleman is stubborn which sure doesn't help him dealing with "THE MAN", but is also obvious he "has a heart of gold" and cares for these folks and wants to help.
He has helped judging by listening to the people that live there in the videos I saw.

I think we should watch this story, and talk about it on the backporch, see if there is anything we can do to help. Comments are welcome, but please no anonymous comments.