Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome to my backporch!

After reading countless blogs and posts, I am finally ready to dip my big toe in the waters and
start blogging!First a little bit about myself.

Age 55, no drama, drive a bus or trolley into Disneyland most days to earn a living.

I have had the same girlfriend for about 20 years, in 2004 I left a job where I had been employed for 16 years, so continuity is important to me.

But I am sick of the big city and long to return to the desert. For about 4 1/2 years I owned a house on 2 1/2 acres in Morongo Valley, then sold it and bought a small house on a lot in Joshua Tree village. I would love to have had the small house on the acreage in Morongo, the view out my front door was incredible..... Ah but due to restlessness, middle age male menopause etc. I sold out,cashed out, travelled awhile, now I'm renting a room in the OC and driving a bus. That's life!

This is all new to me folks, as we sit on my "virtual backporch", I hope I don't bore you too much,
let me make a fresh pot of coffee, or I'll bring you a cold one, and let's start this journey together.


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