Friday, January 22, 2010

We're on a roll!

The Eagle Mountain Landfill, various solar projects, and the LA DWP Green Path North have all been
cancelled, thrown out by the courts, or are in big trouble with powerful politicians. A big backporch shoutout and thank you to Senator Diane Feinstein, my favorite all-time representative.

There's talk that the giant airport near Ivanpah may go down due to the investment reverses suffered by some of the sovereign wealth funds that were to help fund it. I will pray earnestly for that result. Just imagine you're hiking in the Castle Peaks area and how noisy those jets would be, there goes the quiet and solitude!

I sure hope the Ivanpah Brightsource project goes under as well.

You know I've driven across the deserts many times going back home to Georgia where I'm from, and there
are many sites that could've been chosen. Areas that have no scenic beauty, or mineral resources, or animals or vegetation hardly worth mentioning- why the he-- did they have to pick OUR MOHAVE DESERT
and how did these energy developers with the collusion of the BLM and other state,federal agencies, 
manage to fly under the radar of the public for so long?

I have no problem with some limited responsible development but turning the whole Mohave into a giant solar array? HELL NO, We won't let it happen!


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