Saturday, February 6, 2010

Coming soon to a desert vista you care about!

And in my opinion, it sure doesn't improve the view.

These images courtesy of , home of some of the best desert information on the world wide web and without question for the Mohave Desert.

How would you like to drive up on this during your trip out to film the wildflowers blooming?

And of course, years later after all the plant biosystem has been scraped off, and hauled to the landfill or burned, the animals run off, this will be the end result, if not exactly, close enough:

I thought when I first looked at the bottom photo that those were windmills in the background
but now I don't think so. But folks, don't be surprised when you drive out to the Mohave or
another desert just a few years hence, you will in fact see a hat trick: solar mirrors, behind in the
distance windmills, and the newly upgraded transmission line network!

Never mind that there are millions of acres of depleted farm or industrial usage land near the population centers, i.e. cities, all over the country, that would be ideal for solar mirrors, or that the transmission lines lose about 10% of the juice they carry, it doesn't matter, raw land is cheap! Especially when the state and
federal governments fast track all the proposals, throwing out tax credits here and there, Obama bucks, we
call them here on the backporch! Sure makes you think the fix is in, doesn't it?

Some of my friends and associates will disagree with me here: thank God for Senator Diane Feinstein!
If it wasn't for her help and others involved in the cause, the photos above would,without a doubt, be a
done deal, and if we don't keep fighting this, will in fact be the future of the deserts!

If you are a new reader perhaps of the backporch, you might be thinking I am resorting to polemics,
exaggerating the danger to the desert perhaps. Here is an actual screen shot below with the navigation
bar readable from the state of California energy site, these are the proposals on the table, the list is huge,
go check it out:

As usual, vaya con dios my friends. Your comments and suggetions are always welcome here out on the


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