Thursday, February 25, 2010

Found a couple of good home solar blogs

And these have lots of pictures and lots of information.

First is a family blog detailing the construction and power output of their system.
You can even see the house on Google Earth. There is also a company site you
can surf to and see how much power output is being generated at the house and
others worldwide.

The info is at this link:

Next is the solar blog from a magazine name I'm sure you'll recognize. Lots of
solar information and photos plus links to other magazine articles are here:

One fascinating(at least to me) article at the Scientific site mentioned new solar pv
panels are now being sold which have the inverter built in, which should allow a
seamless and very easy tie-in to the power grid, simplifying the whole process from
getting the utilities to go along to getting permits from local government agencies.
And you know if other companies and countries licensed and used this technology,
the price would surely drop!

I'm really excited about these latest developments and think this is the right way to try to
reach our goal of energy independence. Check it out! Don't listen to all the nay-sayers, the
sun has shined for billions of years, and will keep doing so many billions of years more, we're
going to keep living in buildings with roofs, why not get it direct from the source- instead of
second-hand via fossil fuels?

And you know something, if you have one of these on your roof, and got a few days of
shade or rain, you'd buy some back from the grid, or just cut off some of your un-needed
appliances and phantom loads, and you'd be a-okay.

Take care, enjoy your day, look forward to chatting again soon here on the backporch.

Vaya con dios, my friends.


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