Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Great link for facts on solar photo voltaic(for rooftops,etc)

This is from the official U.S. Dept. of Energy website. Of particular interest to me is the assertion that
PV units put up in the estimated 5 million "brown" acres, for example unused former industrial areas in cities,
could produce 90% of our total energy needs as a country.

I'm really starting to get what some have been warning all along, that the reason "Big Solar and wind" are so
hell-bent on grabbing up in the land in the deserts has more to do with speculative or cheap price reasons than anything else.

Next time you hear some talking head going on about how we absolutely must put these "clean energy technologies" way out in the middle of nowhere, think about the facts brought up here on the official website
of the U.S. Government.

To me, it makes more sense to put the pv's on rooftops or on abandoned industrial land in the cities, put power right where it's needed, and put market forces at work,as in Europe where people actually make money from their "home power" instead of this top down,lobbyist driven, big Wall Street speculative driven,
command economy style, in bed with the power company "fast tracked solar and wind industrial complex"
which is about to be  rammed our throats. Or shoved up our..... You get my drift.

Folks, I'm doing my best to try and be a kinder and gentler blogger, but you know if you really care about something, sometimes you can't just sit there and not voice an opinion. As I've said before, I'm new to this
and am arriving late to the table, but hopefully not too late to try and help out. Prime rare species habitat
shouldn't be scraped down and covered with mirrors or windmills, period. Especially when there is another

As always, your comments are welcomed and encouraged.

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This photo looks out upon the future site of the Ivanpah BrightSource project.