Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Joshua Tree house which sold in December,2004

As promised, I wanted to tell you about my Joshua Tree house.

After living a couple of years out in the country in Morongo Valley, I got tired of taking
my company van up and down what charitably could be called a "4 wheel drive road."
My cargo van bouncing up and down, rocking from side to side, listening to the sliding
cardboard boxes and tools and parts rattling, started to drive me crazy! You have no idea
how irritating it got to be, kind of like the water torture..drip,drip,drip...

So I listed the property and right before the listing ended, miraculously a buyer appeared.

I found a small, 900 square feet, 1br,1ba plus den house for around $42,000 or so on a
lot in Joshua Tree village. The house was in a quiet area north of the main highway with a giant
and very old creosote bush out in the backyard. Man when it rained, that creosote bush smelled
so good and when it snowed, it would be bowed over almost to the ground. As I have mentioned
in a previous post, my photo filing system is horrible, and I can't find a photo of that creosote

This small house fit me like a glove and in hindsight was absolutely perfect! My monthly payment
total was $409 a month. But due to a mid-life crisis or something, I ended up selling it for a nice
profit and took a year or so off. Now I rent a room in the OC for more money.....

Anyway with out further ado, here a few photos of the house. The landscape shot was looking out
my backyard. I also will repost the fireplace photo again.





"Regrets, I've had a few." Frank sang about it, I second it.

As usual, your comments are welcomed here out on the backporch. Hope you
enjoyed your visit, vaya con dios, and look forward to visiting with you again.


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