Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obama Bucks for BrightSource Ivanpah Project!

Here are links to the story:
In a nutshell, the feds will guarantee about $1,400,000,000.00 for the construction of the project.
Actually you and me are guaranteeing the project, the taxpayers.  Energy Secretary Steven Chu along
with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, are sitting up there in DC, Obama's henchmen, one guy looks
at blank spots on a map out in the desert, and the other opens the checkbook, and voila! the
money starts flowing, filtered through the big Wall Street investment banks, and through the giant
corporations like Bechtel with help from pols like Harry Reid in the Senate, and then the bulldozers
and earth movers start up and like the song goes"they paved paradise and put up a parking lot"!

The next two photos are from a hilltop and show a panorama. This area will show 3 gigantic mirror fields planted on packed down, scraped earth
in about 3 years or so if this project doesn't get stopped.

I have just received the latest
BrightSource Project papers
related to biological mitigation
and will look through these in
the next day or so and of course
will do a followup post on that.
Many, many thanks to a friend
of this blog who sent me this, I
feel that I can't give a name, but
let me just say that this person
has forgotten more about this
area and about the danger to
our beloved Mojave desert than
I'll ever know and I am very grateful!

People, we are just ants, bugs, of no consequence to the policy makers, politicians, the bureaucrats,
the big money bankers and corporate types that revel in these type of deals. As far as I see it, and I
believe they do too, the only thing really stopping this now is about 25 or so desert tortoises--thank
God they have strong shells with all the heavy lifting they are having to do right now.

Can we help them out a little? Can we carry some of their load? Martin said you can't ride a man's back
if he stands up- you think maybe it's time we stood up? No to destroying the beautiful Mojave
just so we can run our big screens! 

Sorry for the rant, that's very rude of me, shouting at my guests here on the backporch. Please forgive
me. I'm just a tired bus driver, I'm not a lobbyist, don't know any congressmen, but I can read, I know
that just tossing money at a problem, using the same old system, nothing's going to change. Taking
a hundred year old business model, top down, command control approach--- use buzz words like
green energy, synergy,schminergy, whatever. God this really p----es me off!

Bottom line here folks. Back home in Georgia, an old friend of mine, Mr. Roscoe Campbell, used to
tell me this" Sonny boy, you know what you get when you put ear rings on a hog? You get a hog with
ear rings!" That's it. If this BrightSource deal goes through, you and I, the taxpayers just bought
here's another old country saying, "a pig in a poke!"

By the way, did you see in the article where BrightSource refused to say what the project will
cost? Man, that's a page right out of the Wall Street playbook- amazing. They really must think that
we fell off the turnip wagon yesterday. FLASH FROM THE NEWSROOM- REMEMBER

I could continue in this vein, dear readers and friends, but you know my old granny used to warn
me that if I didn't have anything good to say, to keep my mouth shut so I will.

Thanks to those of you that have read this far, I appreciate it.

And many, many thanks for those of you that have taken the time to comment. It's an important
part of this new social medium, commenting, and it let's the writer and readers both get involved.
And this is your fight as well. If you have a favorite place, a wilderness perhaps, anyplace, if it's
on government land it may be in danger. To paraphrase Edward Abbey from "Desert Solitaire"
you don't have to go to the wilderness for it to be important to you and your fellow humans.
Just by being there, it is important for the human race. We really need to know this, just as we
know the sun rises in the east- deep down in your very soul- you need to understand this.

Go out and buy that book. Buy it at your local book store or click on a blogger's link and buy it.
If you read only one book this year, read "Desert Solitaire". I know you're thinking it's some sort
of wacky environmentalist drivel- once you start reading it, you won't be able to put it down.
I can, because I'm reading it slowly, savoring the word images, seeing in my mind's eye the small
trailer parked out by the red buttes and mesas and arches, feeling the cold wind coming through
the eaves, hearing the coyotes howling, laughing---

And after you read the book, next time you hear about some mega project out in the desert or
in a mountain pass, or out in the ocean off shore, you might feel a little different about things.
You just might.

Well it's that time my friends to put away the coffee cups and glasses, vaya con dios, amigos.
I hope you will come back again and I truly hope, however you feel, that you feel you can write
about it here.


Any proceeds from any sales of this book will be donated to a desert related
 charitable or public interest group that I feel is working for desert issues, if bought
through my site.

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