Monday, February 1, 2010

Outside looking in

It occured to me that with the internet we can be deluged with information. A perfect
example are the various clean energy developments that you can read about on the state
and federal websites such as the ones I've linked to in previous posts. Truly, there is a
flood in biblical proportions in the info out there.

But I am reminded of the old computer adage, garbage in, garbage out.

How do we know if the agencies are releasing all of the information or cherry picking the
facts and figures that the policy makers want and need to present us with the "done deal"?
We don't know. And I haven't heard of a modern day "deep throat" leaking out the true story.

As mentioned recently here, the BLM and other agencies have been with-holding info then releasing it at the last minute, right before the public hearings. I can't prove it, I'm taking someone else's word, but
it sure is walking and quackinng just like a duck.

How do we know really if a view like this one near the Ivanpah proposed BrightSource project will
really look a few years in the future? I, for one, hope it never changes. How will pumping
over a 1000 acre-feet of water from the desert aquifer affect the plant life in this vista? Have
the "books been cooked?" We really don't know, we have to have faith in our elected leaders.
My faith is in God, not with the bureaucrats running the show in Washington and Sacramento.

Must we always be on the outside looking in, not finding out what's coming until the Mack truck

runs over us?

Please feel free to comment or criticize if you like.


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