Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Plan to turn Owens Dry Lake Bed into a solar field.

From the Los Angeles Times February 2, 2010 and linked via the DesertBlog.

The story will be linked to below but first, let me say this seems to be a good idea to me and
worth looking at closely. Here is a bedrock,etched in stone fact, that will not change- LA DWP
will never give up the Owens Valley water, they've had it for decades,no court in the land will kick them out
and at the most will tinker around the edges with them, as in releasing a little water for restoration.
Fact- there are and will continue to be windstorms coming across the lake bed kicking up the dust,
it's been a fact of life for decades and this plan offers up some hope on that issue.

I smell the workings of a deal here- DWP builds the solar arrays on the lakebed, alleviating the dust
and helping with the states power woes, and promises not to sell the power to other states but 
keep it here in California, and DWP won't develop the land north of the lake that they own, making
some happy. Everyone would get and give some, making a deal easier to live with.

If the projections are correct and this project could generate up to 10% of the states electric supply
this hopefully would alleviate the "need" to tear up so much of the deserts to put in these clean energy
developments, at least that's what we fervently hope out here on the backporch!

DWP has sure got their best salesman working on it for sure, Mr. Freeman could sell an icebox to an
eskimo, no doubt in my mind on that.

Here is the link:,0,2677831.story?track=rss

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