Thursday, February 4, 2010

Relax with these Mohave Preserve bicycle camping journals!

Today's relaxation day here at the backporch.This screenshot shows one of several sites I surf to when all I want to do is escape the big city and virtually head to the Mohave preserve. The same person did all the travels and put up these great sites.

This site belongs

a San Jose, Ca cyclist who over the last few years has spent up to 2 weeks a year bicycle camping in the Mohave National Preserve- riding his "Ten Ton Bike" on the paved and dirt roads. Sometimes he camps in the campgrounds, others out in the boondocks!

I strongly recommend these travel journals for everyone to check out. They are well written, chock full of details about the preserve from the types of plants he comes across, to information about animal life in the area, the springs, the mines in the
preserve, etc. The photography is first rate and I usually scroll through it a page at a time, look when you're
55 and a bus driver and possibly one or two ounces over-weight, you learn to live vicariously through
others ;-)

I did get motivated enough to buy a used Trek old school mountain bike and took it up to Cima and rode about 3 miles and look forward to a return trip one day. In the meantime I will enjoy this site and I hope you folks will also.

Here are the links to the Mohave trips, there are others as well listed on each site.

Well I am really amazed. Somehow I missed the latest trip in the fall. I haven't checked that trip out at all!

I'll be checking that ,new to me, trip out tonight kicking back here on the backporch.

As usual, vaya con dios my friends and feel free to leave comments on any of the posts here.


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