Sunday, February 7, 2010

"A solar plant a tortoise could love"

That is the title of an article linked below from High Country News in August 2009. I just came across
this in my web searching for information related to putting solar energy plants out in remote desert areas.

The article is about a company, esolar, founded by the Silicon Valley investor and entrepeneur, Bill Gross.
In a nutshell, they built a smaller solar plant on disturbed,used up private land close to where the power would be used. What a concept! 

Too bad, the policy makers and energy bigwigs did not think of this idea at the beginning, or if they did,
why did they dismiss it out of hand?

Here is the link and I recommend you peruse the High Country site if you have never surfed there, lots of
good information on the desert there:

Next up for the backporch is the promised post on my Joshua Tree house which I sold in December,2004
and to this day deeply regret doing so and still miss terribly!


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