Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tree of life, the mesquite

I was perusing back issues of High Country News and came across an interesting
story about a man who farms the mesquite tree in Arizona. He originally planned
to grow jojoba but decided the winters were too tough on the plant. After a "Isaac
Newton" moment, he decided on the mesquite tree for his 9 acres. The link will be
the bottom of this post.

Until recently, all I knew about mesquite was that it made good charcoal. I knew
nothing about it nourishing desert dwellers for thousands of years, or being used for
medicine, even coyotes eat the seed pods!

On a personal note, and this is hard to admit, I actually had a mesquite tree on my
Morongo Valley property and thought if it ever got in bad shape, I'd cut it down
and use the wood for my grill- how ignorant!
Here is the link to the article:

Here is a link to the multimedia content for the article, 25 meg download:

A link to a wikipedia article:

Well my friends, vaya con dios, hope you enjoyed your visit to the
backporch and I look forward to seeing you again. Your comments
are welcome as always.


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