Saturday, February 13, 2010

Very latest on the BrightSource Ivanpah Solar Project

See the New York Times Green, Inc blog post here along with my comments, I am the #3

Here is another link to a major organization fighting to stop this. This site has the best information that I've
come across. I strongly recommend you also don't miss the article toward the bottom of the page about spring
nights in Ivanpah as this might very well be the last normal spring this year. Next year it may be totally
denuded of plant and wildlife.

Also Chris over at Coyote Crossing wrote an eloquent plea for stopping this project. If these folks pushing
this have hearts and not computer chips inside, maybe they'll come to their senses. Read it here:

To paraphrase an email I sent the other day, this BrightSource offer is just an opening gambit, a "throw away"
offer, really of no consequence, tossing a pawn out there to see if it'll be snapped up. As I said in the email,
and I'll take license here and exaggerate a little, "ignore the pawn, take the @$#%^&^ queen!"

This is a fight to the finish here folks. I know of one activist who said he'll put himself in front of the bulldozers
if need be. Let's hope it won't come to that. I intend to go up, hopefully in a week or so and really walk the
land, see the plant life, enjoy the views for maybe the last time, document with my poor efforts at photography
the beauty of the Ivanpah site, just do what I can.

As always, vaya con dios, my friends. Maybe I'll run into a few of you out at the beautiful Ivanpah Valley!


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