Monday, February 1, 2010

What's happening out in your neighborhood?

Folks, I've published a few posts referring to the BLM's Geocommunicator map online and thought
we could see how it works together. According to their website you should use Internet Explorer but I
have been using Mozilla Firefox with no problems.

Anyway why don't you open a new tab on your browser and go to this link:

You should now be looking at this on your screen:
Now you have several options but for this tutorial,let's look in your area. If you look at the top of your map you'll see a button entitled placename, click on it, and then put in the location name. I'll use Baker, Ca for my
post here. A box will come up and just click on the correct location. Your screen should show something
like this:

After you click on your location, your screen should look similiar to this:

Now it gets interesting and more complicated. You can play with all the options later but for now
I'll tell you about the area to the right: layers,legend, and quick start. Layers will overlay all kinds of
info, I have been concentrating on energy and it has overlays for solar,wind, etc. The legend will
show the colors for the different energy usage planned or proposed. For this example I will look 
for solar,wind,transmission corridors etc and my selections you'll see on the right side clicked:

To get this level of information I clicked the boxes on the right and alsozoomed 2-3 levels by clicking the zoom slider on the far left right under the large G emblem. Now if you look to the right and click legend
and scroll down you can see what those color boxes stand for, here is the example :
The blue shaded boxes are wind energy proposals planned or approved. You can scroll and also see where the orange is for solar etc. Your map of your area might hold some real surprises for you.

Try it folks. See what's planned in your neck of the woods. This map covers the whole United States but is
really appropriate for out here in the west where the largest landowner is usually the federal government.

Please try it out and let me know how it goes. Your comments and concerns are welcomed here on
the backporch. I'm not an expert by no means with Geocommunicator but I'm learning more everyday about

Yesterday was a 15 hour day driving a bus so my apologies if my presentation wasn't perfect but know
this- you are welcome anytime out here on the backporch. I don't know what we'll talk about everyday
or if we'll meet up everyday, but we will get together. If you are planning on visiting California, come on
out, visit all the usual destinations, but it is my hope that you will find some time to visit the Mohave desert
and the Mohave National Preserve- once you get out of your car and gaze out at the vast, never-ending
vistas, the quiet and serenity, the sound of the wind and the birds- you'll fall in love just like I have...

Take care my friends,


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