Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who says you need the grid?

Come on out and grab a chair. I got a video you just gotta check out.

Keith Thompson lives off-grid in the New Mexico high desert in a house he built with
his own hands, using well water, and a solar system for power that he saved up for.
Originally from the Bronx, he now lives out in God's country and has no bills except for
his cell phone bill.

Folks, I got a confession to make. I really wish that was me in that video. What a life, out
in the country without the pressures of the big city.

And the beauty of his situation is he doesn't need the power grid. He knows what he can plug in,
and when it can be plugged in. You use only what you have available. Flick on the switch and
you have power. But you don't have an unlimited supply, so you use it wisely.

This video is just one story albeit told by a very articulate gentleman.

He is one of many people who are producing their own electric power via solar photo voltaic
panels, right on their own property. There are millions and millions of rooftops on homes and businesses,
churches, government buildings,etc where power could be generated right on site and even sold to the utilitiy
companies for a profit, like in parts of Europe and would require no new transmission lines, would
plug right into the existing grid------

But of course, we gotta do it our way,spend billions(yes I mean we the taxpayers) and build all
these clean energy plants way out,way out in some of the most scenic areas we have left---

See for yourself why I so enjoy this video. One man spending his own money to live the way he
wants to, with no bills. This is really an enjoyable video and well worth a download.

See it here:

Here is a screenshot at the beginning of the video which runs a very fast 8 minutes:
Go check out the video my friends, vaya con dios, and as always your comments and/or criticisms are
always welcomed here on the backporch.


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