Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 more videos devoted to the plant life at Ivanpah3 area

In these videos I talk a lot about the creosote ring formations I see everywhere
between the metamorphic hills and the smaller hill, and how these took hundreds
of years to grow and expand.

I also come across some really beautiful but very tiny blue flowers that just bloomed
at the Ivanpah3 site.

Here’s the flower video, enjoy!

It seems I may have hit upon the solution to my video encoding woes
and time permitting, perhaps this evening I can get those tortoise
burrow videos done and up on the site.

Until then, check these out and may I suggest if you haven’t seen them, check
out my videos that I posted of my hike to the Teutonia Peak Trail in the MNP.

See you later online.


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