Monday, March 15, 2010

Ads gone from site

After thinking about it for some time, I’ve decided to pull all ads
at this time for these reasons:
1. This site seems to be going in a direction that ads might appear
     to be inappropriate content or at least out of place. For example,
     I post an article saying a specific solar site should be scrapped
     and Google adsense puts in an ad touting the project. It hasn’t
     happened yet but it could.
2.  The fact that I still am new to Windows Live Writer and it’s really
      not conducive to my mission with this blog to waste time learning
      how to manipulate it to place the ads in the content.
3.   This is my blog, with my thoughts and views, as well as my
       readers who interject their opinions and views via comments,
       not the ad marketing departments at Google or Amazon.

I may place ads in the future on the site, but only if I have control, and I
will choose ads that I think might interest my readers and not intrude on the
reading of this blog, ads I would click on if I went to a site. And no more
band-width hogging ads, I am sorry and apologize to any of my readers
on dialup who had to put up with it.

As always, vaya con dios my friends, and remember, your comments
are always welcomed at the backporch!


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