Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Barely made it back from BrightSource Ivanpah!

My apologies folks, I promised a trip report today but I barely made it
back, first to my car, as my legs and left foot were about to give out,
and I nodded off a couple of times during the 4+ hour drive back to
the OC, and my video conversion software seems to have bit the dust!

However, here are some quick stats: I had close encounters with 8 wild
burros and have the video, and I saw at least 7 or 8 desert tortoise burrows,
including a really big one inside the edge of a creosote ring close to where
I parked my car. I’d say within a quarter mile of the car. Amazing!

I hope I don’t lose all of my readers by posting  this video of me talking
about the hike. Robert Redford, I am not. I’m just an average looking, possibly
one or two ounce overweight bus driver!

I will start writing the trip report tomorrow and will hope that I can get the file
shrinking video software going, I used up my whole memory card with videos.

Also yesterday on my way up, I went back to Sunrise Rock in the Mojave National
Preserve to refilm that video plus I took some great footage at an old western
cattle corral, I really got a big surprise there.

Well I’m taking the morongomobile home and hitting the sack, I am totally wore
out, see you later.


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