Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy driving around in circles and Ivanpah fieldtrip 1st video

Taking tourists to Disneyland.

Today I'll be shuttling people from a parking lot to the Anaheim Convention Center. If possible, I
will take some cell phone video of the traffic nightmare I will encounter.

I haven't forgotten the Ivanpah field trip report, I am encoding the videos to mpeg-4 as I type this.

But a 12 hour day yesterday and another today, it feels like I have no time for my blogging!
I'll put it out there in a couple of days. The writing is easy, it's just all the other stuff takes so
much time!

Here is a preview of coming attractions, the first video from the site where I left my car as I made
my way to the Ivanpah site.

Take it easy today.