Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fascinating new rooftop solar technology

Here are several links to new technology now in the research
and development stage at corporations ranging from IBM to
Broadband Solar. These links were found in about ten minutes
of web surfing.

If just one of these technologies came to market, for example, IBM’s
developing solar cells made using copper, zinc, tin, and sulfur, common
materials readily available, it would be a viable alternative to silicon-based
products that dominate the market now and it is a thin-film product.

Other new advances being made in the thin-silicon film solar pv
systems include Broadband Solar which is using amorphous silicon salted
with nanoscale metallic particles and could be applied in thin-film plants
using their existing equipment.

Both of these new technologies will be available for licensing from these
companies, evidently they will only do the r&d and let others build the

This next development I find truly amazing. The technology was developed
the Sandia National Laboratories and has unbelievable, revolutionary
potential. In a nutshell, 100 times less silicon generates the
same amount of electricity!
This is mind-boggling, defies belief almost,
but I,for one, trust the Sandia folks, and believe them. This technology has
been called “snow flake solar cells".

Just think about this. Using this technology, you could these new pv panels virtually anywhere, rooftops could output power on a larger scale, and with the possibilities
of inverters being built in, could produce ac power output, the unused portion of which
could be put into the national power grid. If this technology won out, and was
rolled out on every rooftop across the land, there would be absolutely no need
to build any of the 100 or so renewable energy projects slated for building,
that’s just in the Mojave Desert alone, and not counting others on federal
land all across the United States.

This article will be the top link for your perusal.

These are exciting times in the renewable energy field, and I am referring to
distributed power generation or HOME POWER. And this information, readily
available via the internet, is there for all to see, I was not asked to pay for this
information, nor was a password or membership required for any of the sites.
If we can get this news, the policymakers can. I’d guess they saw it before me,
long before. But it was put aside as the decision has already been made to
work with the century old utility company cabal, empowering them and not us.

Check these articles out folks. And follow the links in the stories for more detailed
info. To be frank here, some of these articles are way over my head technically.
But extrapolating out, I can really see a changed future for our power usages
where we generate our own at a reasonable price, not dependent on the old
guard utility firms, and possibly sell our excess power to them at a profit.

The ramifications for the Mojave and other wild places is obvious, they would
be saved from future industrialization, at least for power generation purposes.
Newer smaller scale technology such as this, perhaps might even be applied
for large scale power production, which could then occur closer to where it is
needed, on used up or depleted farm or industrial use land.

This is a potential scenario envisioned out here on the backporch. How do you
feel about it? Could it work? Am I grabbing at straws here or am I on to something?

Your comments are welcomed here about this issue or in response to any of my
posts. When you comment, your voice is heard, and in effect, you become part
of this little community out here on a backporch in California, no matter where
you are located. And please consider becoming a follower, it’s easy to do and
it would be my honor to have each and everyone of you joining me here.

We look forward to hearing from you. Now here are those links:

This last link is a bonus you don’t want to miss!

These should keep you busy for awhile on your Sunday, but don’t forget some
other reading today, hint, King James Version ;-)

Vaya con dios, my friends.



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