Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ivanpah is calling…..

And that means, yes, I am heading backup this afternoon to Stateline and the
BrightSource Ivanpah solar farm site!

The plan is evolving but it appears I’ll get there too late to do anything today
but work on my finances at the Goldstrike Hotel and Casino, at the video poker
department. Later on, after working on my nutritional needs at the all you can eat
buffet, I’ll waddle up to my room and review the maps again for the hike tomorrow.
On second thought, I’ll review the maps first, then start on the other.

The goal is to, this time for sure, make it to the proposed biological mitigation
area and take a first hand look, and also to take photographs and videos again,
for your perusal. Last time was a valuable learning experience and I believe I’ll
do a better job on the videos at least, this trip.image

Here is a link to the article that got me to jump into the morongomobile and
head out across the desert:


I’ll get a “Big Dog” and a Sioux City Sarsaparilla for you while I’m up there.

Above image is from the BrightSource Biological mitigation proposal on file with the California Energy Commission, unfortunately my blogging software attached my copyright
information, all rights to the above image belong to CH2MHILL and BrightSource.


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