Saturday, March 6, 2010

Janus Coin- followup

Here is what set me off earlier- these statistics are from the Center for Biological Diversity and
reported at the websites linked below:

George H.W.Bush averaged protecting 58 species a year under the Endangered Species Act.
Bill Clinton's administration 65 per year, George W. Bush 8 a year, and our "environmental
president a whopping 2 in his only year so far in office. If he's a one-term president,
at this rate, he'll protect the amount that Bush the Younger did in one year. 

Unfortunately for the Mojave and its' inhabitants, plant and animal, he definitely is leading the pack
in construction projects planned for the area, I would guess more than all his predecessors put

Those of you familiar with the area know that man has definitely left his footprint on the area. The Mojave has been mined, grazed, farmed, you name it's been done to it. But the thing to remember is that the
desert has reclaimed most of those efforts, why the Mojave National Preserve has lots of mines
and abandoned buildings,some on private land but not all, and except for the mines most just fade
away over the years but I fear these new industrial projects, these giant renewable energy sites
 won't just disappear when their time is up.

I seem to remember reading that there are at least 80 or more of these projects in the pipeline
right now, in various stages of the permitting and approval process. These are mostly located in
remote locations and usually on sensitive areas of environmental and/or aesthetic considerations.
As I keep mentioning, these projects will require many,many thousands of acres to be scraped
bare, graded, and the facilities built at a massive cost of billions of dollars, and will require many
thousands of acre-feet of water during construction and every year there after for the life of the
power plant. Where will the water come from? From the underground aquifer, which once sucked dry,
will take hundreds or thousands of years to replenish.

What I am saying is that our "environmental president with his Obama Bucks" will do more long
lasting and permanent damage to the Mojave Desert during his administration, than everyone else
has done in the whole of recorded history. A strong but absolutely true statement in this blogger's
opinion and it must be stopped!

See folks, this is why we so strongly oppose the BrightSource Ivanpah project. It is the first, large
scale project that is so close to actually breaking ground. The first of many in the pipeline, and God
willing, when it's defeated, the administrations in DC and Sacramento will actually take some time 
to study the area and other alternative locations next time.

It's night-time out here on the backporch and it is a nice peaceful view, not a heliostat or windmill
in sight, but for how long.......

Vaya con dios, my friends. As always, your comments are welcomed here.


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