Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just back from overnight trip to MNP and Ivanpah Solar Site

And I am really wore out. My legs feel like they're about 70 years old.

Yesterday I decided to rehike the Teutonia Peak Trail near Cima and then I
walked over to the Mojave Cross at Sunrise Rock, before heading out to
stateline. The temperature was about 35 degrees fahrenheit and the wind was
blowing pretty steady at about 10 miles per hour, it was a cold experience!
I took quite a few videos with my digicam and photos before heading to the
Goldstrike Hotel and Casino in Jean, Nevada.

Before turning in, I had the hamsteak and eggs breakfast special, washed down
with several hot cups of joe, at the Goldrush Cafe there and looked at my photos
and videos on my laptop, taken on my hike.

This morning I got up early and headed back to stateline where I had the Breakfast
Burger combo at Carl's Jr before driving out to the Yates Well exit and the proposed
BrightSource Ivanpah solar project. I spent 4 or 5 hours there hiking across the
innumerable, countless washes and playas on my way
to the metamorphic hill(s) where I proceeded to climb up and across the ridgeline
to get a better view of the proposed Ivanpah 3 site and the proposed biological mitigation
area. Again, I took many photos and videos, now I have to figure out which ones to
post here or on youtube.

Folks, I made the cardinal sin of almost running out of water on my way back to my car.
You should always turn back when you drink half of your water, I waited until I was
down to 1/3 left. If it had been a hot sunny day and not 50 degrees F, I would have
been in serious trouble. As it was, I made it, barely able to put one foot in front of the other.

Next I got back on I-15 and exited the next exit, Nipton Road. I drove the 9 or 10 miles
over to the Nipton Trading Post looking for a certain beverage and then I headed home. While
in Barstow I stopped at the Flying J truckstop and bought lunch, my favorite deli item they
have is the Big Dog for $2.99, which I CONSUMED RAVENOUSLY and washed it all
down with a certain beverage from Nipton.

Stay tuned for a trip report in the next day or so along with an interview from the Ivanpah site.
In the meantime, here is a photo to make your mouth water.
Until the next time we meet,
vaya con dios, my friends.