Monday, March 29, 2010

A little bit of good news for our blog and some for the west Mojave

First let me say how honored I feel to have our little blog mentioned
on the Best Green Blogs and on the Nature Blog Network. Thanks
to you, my readers, for your comments and encouragement, I’ll keep
posting and hopefully you will keep on visiting here on the backporch.

Now for the really big news of the day, Shaun over at the
Mojave Desert Blog is reporting that the CEC staff is
recommending against the Ridgecrest Solar project!

This is almost impossible for me to believe as it seems lately that most of the news
lately seems negative to say the least, but looking at it as announced, the decision
does make sense. The decision appears to be based mainly on the potential
danger to the animal habitat, it’s importance as a wildlife corridor, and that an important
population of desert tortoises would be greatly impacted.

I am downloading the staff report and will comment further in a day or so.

A very interesting day all around.



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