Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A minor irritant and some real good news

Just got through submitting my little blog to the Best Green Blogs
directory. I am hoping this will go through with no hitch. The benefit
for joining is the increased exposure of this blog to the web, which
should benefit our message, which is the danger facing the Mojave
area due to the planned industrialization of the area. The more people hearing
the message, the better. Please consider giving out this blog’s link
to your friends, relatives, etc and ask them to visit the backporch!

While filling out their form and answering questions and providing links,
I discovered that Google was still serving up ads on my RSS feed, my
apologies for that foulup, they have been removed just a moment ago when
I discovered they were still there.

Don’t want to bore you readers with all the details but let me just say that
the writing is easy, but as they say the devil is in the details! I’m new at
this, one day I’ll be walking instead of crawling, and lookout then!


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