Monday, March 22, 2010

Missed opportunity today to talk with Ken Salazar

Yesterday while driving a bus in circles from Disneyland to the
parking lots, and listening to public radio, I discovered that the
Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, was to be a guest on Patt Mor-
rison’s radio show today at 1300. The information was secured
in my iron-clad memory and I drove in circles until 1 o’clock in the

Waking up around 1000, I, of course, forgot all about it. This after-
noon about 1315, channel surfing on the radio, I came across her
show and panicked, thinking I’d missed the interview. In a few min-
utes, his segment began.

In a nutshell, it was just an interview with Patt asking questions and
the energy secretary answering and expounding a little on some points.
Definitely a softball interview, no tough questions, and with the most
absurd, laughable extended comment about balancing the habitats
with economic development. Absolutely no mention of the huge num-
ber of renewable energy projects slated for building in the Mojave on
prime plant and animal habitat and the environmental costs to come.

What he needed was to be asked tough questions. Evidently he’s in Cali-
fornia for two days touring energy projects with the governator, I believe
he was calling in to the show from Hinkley. The missed opportunity I
allude to in the post title was I should have emailed Ms. Morrisson who
seems open to environmental issues and asked that he take listener calls,
which by the way, he didn’t, or suggested a couple of things to
ask him regarding BrightSource or other projects in the works.
But since this blogger can’t seem to get himself together at times,
the time has passed!

I found it very interesting that the Commissioner for Social Security was also
on her show and he took listener calls. Just like I said in a previous post,
the policy makers are already drumming up the news cycle, no doubt about

As an aside, and mentioning this only to make a feeble excuse for blowing
this, we did find out the last couple of days that we have lost the Disney
account and it appears several drivers and maybe yours truly, may have to
make up signs saying “will drive a bus for food”, that’s my excuse and I
am sticking to it! It would certainly allow more time for blogging and research,
that’s for sure.

Wow, this seems to be turning into some sort of free-flowing stream of thought
situation here. I just was thinking while writing these words, just how much
freer I feel not having to worry about ad placement or visitor counts or click through
percentages or bounce rates, etc. As Clapton sang for Cream, "I FEEL FREE”.
Just wanted you guys and gals out there in cyberspace reading these scribbles
to know that.

Until we meet again, vaya con dios, my friends and I just want you to know how
much your comments mean to this old blogger, please comment any time as your
thoughts are always welcomed out here on the backporch.



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