Sunday, March 7, 2010

More on eSolar, a solar company I can believe in

Some of you may recall this blog post from February where I mentioned
this IdeaLab company. See that article here:

Tonight I came across more information on the company as well as news
of a giant solar contract they won in China recently. You can read that
article here:

Here is their home page which has lots of good information, I will also provide
a link to their environmental stewardship page which I found very enlightening
and inspiring. That will be the second link.

Here is a link to their company brochure which is about 6 pages:

So what you have here is a company that is obviously hip to the needs of the
environment and its’ inhabitants, both plant and animal. They believe in siting
their solar plants locally on used-up, depleted land which they can buy cheap
and they don’t need to build a huge, long distance transmission line system.
I can’t wait till they have their IPO, I may have to put a donation button on my
blog then ;-)

Also here is the original website homepage where I came across the eSolar
article that sent me over to the eSolar website, this appears to have quite a bit
of good information on renewable energy issues and news.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and feel the same about this eSolar news
as I do, but of course, either way, your opinion matters here out on the backporch
and I look forward to hearing from you!

Vaya con dios, my friends, I’ll have the coffee perking for you when you return.



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