Saturday, March 6, 2010

Obama/ Bush administrations- sure looks like a Janus coin to me

Just checked out the latest stories on Coyote Crossing and the Desert Blog regarding the greater
Sage Grouse and the protection of the Mono Basin population under the Endangered Species Act.

Flash from the newsroom: the population won't be protected due to a lack of resources!
This announcement from U.S. Fish and Wildlife was in response to a lawsuit and petition filed
by the Center for Biological Diversity and other groups, we'll have to wait and see how the court
process works.

Let me make sure that I(and my readers) understand this. There is no money to protect a species
already listed as endangered,hmmmm.

But there was a ton of money to protect their own pet, endangered species. Why the talking heads,
corporate apologists, their lackeys- the Congress and members of the administration,etc- they all
waxed eloquently about the virtues of the species, its' absolute need to be preserved, its' god- given
right to exist- I am of course referring to that species: fatfelinusbanker! Why they tossed trillions
of dollars out to protect it! 

Yeah, no wonder they're pleading poverty, they turned the treasury over to WALL STREET!

Well, not all. Loyal readers of course remember the additional billions of dollars to be tossed
into scraping the Mojave Desert bare and supplanting the beautiful plants, and animal habitat
with the most grotesque collection of windmills and mirror heliostats ever imagined by
man!  And you can bet the farm, put it all on red, the same Wall Street investment banks are
going to make a killing again off of this "new renewable energy land rush."

But I threw out, some might say, an outrageous title, saying that the Bush and Obama reigns
are basically the same, just different heads on the Janus Coin!

It seems to me that whatever the issue or problem, Obama thinks it over, mulls it over in a
protracted public process, announces a decision, then capitulates at the first sign of resistance
from the Republicans and some Democrats. Where is the backbone? Where is the courage?
What the hell does he really believe in? Does he really
care about anything at all?

Make a decision and stick with it for once. Don't try to be all things to all people. Stand up
for us, the regular folks and taxpayers for once, not just for your big money backers and
their lobbyists.

And quit tossing money out like spaghetti on the wall. Somebody has to pay for this, the Chinese
won't fund us forever.

And for the sake of the Mojave and its' wilderness, call a time out and review these
projects before untold, irreversible and final damage is done. Once the wild deserts are
scraped bare, it's over for us and who knows how many untold generations into the future.


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