Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sioux City Sarsparilla and the Mojave National Preserve?

After reviewing my latest post, looking it over for typos, etc. I decided I
had better explain where that reference came from. This really happened
as I am telling it now.

A real good friend of mine had a birthday coming up, this had to be around
the summer of 2003 or 2004. I was working for a week in Las Vegas servicing
my supermarket accounts sanitation system, and I thought of buying the sarsparilla
as an odd gift idea.

Those of you who have tried the beverage know it is like root beer, some say an
acquired taste, I took to it like a duck to water. I love the taste but real Sioux City
Sarsparilla is very hard to locate. At that time, the general store in Nipton, California
carried it.

Anyway, the temperature was around 115 degrees in the shade and my company cargo
van's air conditioning was out. I went to Nipton and bought a 4 pack for my friend and
1 for myself along with some snack items and some bottled water. I needed this for my 150
mile or so ride home through the MNP to my house in Joshua Tree.

Well, after talking a few minutes to the friendly lady at the general store, I took off in my
stifling,red hot van. With the windows down and that hot wind blowing over me like a convection
oven, stick a fork in me, I was done within 5 miles after driving out from Nipton. I scarfed down
that bottle of sarsparilla, like I had just crawled through Death Valley without any water.

I kept driving, heading up toward Cima, taking occasional glances over at that 4 pack, bottles
beaded over with water droplets on the outside, it was so hot, and I was so thirsty, surely one
bottle wouldn't be missed....

By the time I got to Kelso Depot, there was only one bottle left and I was trying to get my story
straight for my friend- I had already promised a 4 pack and now it had turned into a one pack!

I resolutely kept my hands off that last bottle and delivered it a couple of days later. I seem to
remember hearing the exclamation" you -----r" delivered in a joking fashion, or maybe not so joking.

To this day we still laugh about it.

Take care,


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