Saturday, March 20, 2010

This is exactly what I was talking about

I will post the link at the bottom of the post for your perusal.

This article quotes the poll results of 200 people questioned by
a polling firm, 75% of which support solar energy production
on public lands.

Considering who probably paid for the poll, I’m surprised there
wasn’t 90% or more approval.

This is part of a beginning drumbeat of “news” designed to get
people and voters moving in the “right” direction, which is the
direction the opinion makers and industry and government officials
want, which is blind support for solar projects on government land.
After all it is your land, taxpayers, shouldn’t this good for nothing,
raw desert scrub be used for a productive purpose? It’ll help us
wean ourselves off foreign oil,etc. ad nauseum.

The article goes on to tout growing 100,000 American jobs with the
new technology as well as equaling the playing field with other, in
most case, cheaper forms of energy.

I can see ‘em now wrapping themselves in the American flag, support
solar energy in the desert, baby- it’s the American way! Rugged individualism,
the Marlboro man images, the works- you wait, the tv campaign is coming,
and you heard it here on the backporch.

Every time this comes up, we need to hit back hard. Period.

It worked for Lee Atwater, it’ll work for us.

It’s scraping the desert bare, killing everything in its path, and it will be
coming soon to a desert vista you care about.

Unless we get it together and fight back.

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