Monday, March 1, 2010

You can't always get what you want.

Folks, my work has slowed down again. I am oncall today and tomorrow and am off
on my normal days: Wednesday and Thursday. This would be an ideal time to head
up to Stateline for the promised field trip.

But I have to live. I am moving Wednesday, so today I will be packing some tonight and
tomorrow. Thank the Lord, most of my stuff is up at my storage in Joshua Tree so I will
be travelling light. Also, I have ordered a new Dell Inspiron 15 laptop which should be
delivered on Wednesday also. I ended up buying a ready-to-ship basic laptop which with
shipping, tax, and the California Recycling fees ended up running for about $507. Hopefully,
the new laptop will last me 5 years like this one has. And I sincerely hope that I won't have
a repeat of the dreaded HP power jack issue. And this blog will continue without my fearing
that I may inadvertently delete it with a hard drive crash or something when the motherboard
finally gives up the ghost.

What I posted and had to delete after I thought about it, was  that I might drive up to
Stateline tomorrow, but dear readers I just don't have it in me to drive 8 hours round-trip
tomorrow, then spend at least 8 hours on-site, rush back down, and start moving the next morning.

I apologize. I just can't do it tomorrow. And I feel time is passing inexorably by me right now.
When am I going to get my act together, and get down to the business which is to try and help save
the Mojave, as so many others are doing right now, as you read this.

I'm not going to lie to you guys. When I started this blog, one goal was to monetize it so that in
7 years when I take early social security, it would help fund a move out to the desert and to afford to
travel to parts of the Mojave and Death Valley, Anza Borrego, etc and blog about them. Sounded
like a great life, maybe one day put a trailer under a cottonwood and live out my days, and when I
checkout, someone would pull the trailer out with no lasting damage. But events have a way of
forcing you to re-evaluate and change goals and focus on dangers that pop up.

 What I have found out is that time is truly of the essence right now, the dozer blades are coming
soon to a scenic spot you care about, and we may not be able to stop them. And that is not hyperbole.

Don't read me wrong, I'm not stopping or giving up, I am a counter puncher by nature,
and what I'm discovering is how fluid this situation is- and my limitations and, quite frankly, my
inability to find a kindred soul that's interested in trying to save the Mojave- someone with the same days off- I am sure someone is
out there, I just either haven't found them or my prose is not persuasive enough. Just someone riding
along with me, shooting ideas off each other, planning strategies for photo shoots,etc would make
all the difference in the world.

Part of my problem too is that I need the desert vistas and quiet and serenity like living things
need oxygen to exist, and when I need it, I need it right then. It won't happen this week, my fervent
hope is maybe next week. Or the week after.

Be safe my friends, vaya con dios, forgive my maudlin thoughts here, please come back again
and remember, your comments are always valued and welcome here out on the backporch.


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