Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boy what happened tonight?

I am sitting here in my office at the local donut shop that I hang out at
and decided to check with Statcounter, the free visitor counter software,
that I am using to see how many folks are stopping by here--- anyway I
almost spit coffee out all over when I saw that I got 65 page views tonight,
amazing, and of course it happened after I removed the ads!

Just kidding folks. Got you going, didn’t I?

I’m trying something new, making a twitter-like post about just what’s going
on in my mind at the moment. Just got my paycheck, bills are paid, went
over to my girlfriends’ place for a great spaghetti dinner, she says she makes
it “Mexican style”, you make it like normal but then pour the juice from the
jalapenos in with it, just absolutely fantastic, try it sometime!

Right now tonight, I have been researching Bill Powers, the electrical engineer
for a possible future post, I’m telling you this gentleman is really sharp and
knows this stuff backwards and forwards. We’d be in a lot better shape and the
deserts would be in a lot less danger, if the CEC and BLM would pay more
attention to what he says.

But don’t take my word for it, google this search term just as it’s typed:

“bill powers”+solar

Now you see how I do it, try it out, and come back here and let us know how
it went via a comment here or feel free to comment on any of my posts any

Thanks as always for stopping by a spell at the backporch.


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