Friday, April 9, 2010

eSolar videos

You may recall that recently I made a couple of posts about this IdeaLab
firm, eSolar, that specializes in scaleable power plants sited near the end
user on basically what we would call junk land, used up industrial or brown
zoned land.

This is a concept supported by many people since you avoid destroying
large swathes of prime, pristine desert that most likely is home to endangered
plant or animal species.

Here in the first video is what appears to be a walk through of one of their
project sites, it is short , only 15 seconds in length:

Next up is the full version of the above video which runs about 3 minutes:

I would probably just watch the 2nd video for the complete rundown!

Pretty interesting technology. CSP is here to stay whether we like it or not.
By that, I mean concentrated solar power. The choice really boils down as they
said in real estate class: location, location, location! I, for one, prefer this company’s
approach to the location issue.

Comments are encouraged, pro or con as always!


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