Sunday, April 4, 2010

Found- a way to monetize my videos

But not by me, nor in any way, with my knowledge or consent.

This morning I was sitting in a Mcdonalds surfing the free wifi
and I decided to google “morongobill” just to see what would
come up. There were references to this site, and other detritus
from years of internet use, nothing shocking until I got to the
fourth page I believe.

I think I’ll go put on a pot of coffee while you guys google me…
(5 minutes later)

Well, by now, you have discovered the dirty little secret about
the infamous Morongobill “Scat” video that evidently is being
sold online or being listed on a scat site.

For those of you new to the net, there are many sites that
specialize in material that would be considered shocking to say
the least, to most people. These are known as fetish sites.

If you recall, recently I made two field trips to the stateline area
where I hiked at the location of the proposed BrightSource Ivanpah
Solar Electric Generating System. I trekked cross country through
the desert, across sandy washes, and you may recall that in several
videos, I made reference to there being abundant wildlife in the area,
due to the large number of tracks in the sand, as well as many, many
piles of-----the scat that they left behind!

I thought that I was buttressing my case for there being abundant
animal and plant life in the area, never in my wildest dreams, did
I ever think 1) my videos were a saleable commodity or 2) that the
web crawlers sent out by these fetish sites would latch onto my
youtube videos and bring them back to their lair, to be used in
such a way. It’s so bizarre, it’s hilarious.

So, what can you do? To think, I may become (in)famous for one
or two of my boring videos!

I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t make a video discussing the news reports
of possible gay behavior in the animal kingdom that have come out
lately. The web crawlers would go crazy!

No matter, folks let me assure you that the next time I do a hike to one
of these sites, if I come across signs of animal presence, I will tell you
straight, with no fear of the crawlers, if I come across a “road apple”
I won’t hold the news back from you, you and the crawler bots will
be the first to know ;-)

Morongobill, Internet video sensation (evidently in some circles)


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