Friday, April 16, 2010

From a mailing list I subscribe to- I swear you can’t make this stuff up!

I echo the author’s sentiments and would add that he will also go down in history as the worst
governor in California history as far as causing damage to the deserts with his shoving these
wind and solar projects down our throats. I’ll be so happy when his time is up, don’t let the
door hit you in the a—bozo on your way out!
I can hear it now, tell us how you
really feel, there Morongobill!

Anyway without further ado or raspberries, here is the article:

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The Death of Satire: RFK, Jr. Greenwashes Arnold’s War on Salmon
by Dan Bacher
Political satire in the United States will officially die tonight, April 14.
That’s when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the Chief Prosecuting Attorney for the Hudson Riverkeeper, will
honor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the worst Governor for fish and the environment in California history,
for his “environmental advocacy.”
Schwarzenegger will be honored at the “Riverkeeper’s Annual Fishermen’s Ball” at Pier Sixty on the
Hudson River in New York City at a dinner fundraiser that will begin at 6:30 p.m. Spike Lee will
also present an award to HBO during the event
No late night comedian, inflammatory radio talk show host or other practitioner of political satire
could come up with a scenario this bizarre no matter how they try. Reality, particularly in
Schwarzenegger’s California, has become a self-parody, a living satirical comedy that knows no
Kennedy and the Riverkeeper are giving this award in spite of the deluge of letters and phone calls
from conservationists, fishermen and environmental justice advocates blasting them for honoring
Schwarzenegger. During his tenure, Schwarzenegger has presided over the unprecedented collapse of
Central Valley salmon, Delta smelt, longfin smelt, green sturgeon, striped bass, threadfin shad,
American shad and other fish populations in the California Delta.
Confronted by pleas by fish advocates to withdraw the award to Schwarzenegger because of his abysmal
environmental record, Kennedy and Riverkeeper staff have not only proceeded forward with their plans
to honor Schwarzenegger, but they have refused to respond to the barrage of phone calls and letters.
In fact, a Riverkeeper spokesman would only speak on the condition of anonymity to reporters from
the Sacramento Bee, and the Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow (New York) Patch to explain why they would honor
Schwarzenegger in spite of such widespread opposition to his environmental policies.
“The group is honoring Schwarzenegger specifically for his work on climate change, according to a
press contact who declined to be named for this post,” reported Kevin Yamamura in his article in the
Sacramento Bee
Likewise, a Riverkeeper official, who did not want to be named, told Dan Wiessner of the
Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow Patch, “The governor’s work speaks for itself. He’s recognized across the
world for his work in combating global climate change
The Riverkeeper’s mission is “to protect the ecological integrity of the Hudson River and its
tributaries, and to safeguard the drinking water supply of New York City and the lower Hudson
The Hudson Riverkeeper, founded by commercial and recreational fishermen in Tarrytown 40 years ago,
has spawned a nationwide network of more than 150 groups, including many in California, that lobby
for clean water and other environmental initiatives.
Since Schwarzenegger took office in 2003 in a recall election, he has waged a relentless war on
salmon, salmon fishermen and the environment in California that is diametrically opposed to the
Riverkeeper’s mission of protecting the “ecological integrity” of rivers. His administration has
become known for its numerous conflicts of interests, corruption and violation of the state’s
environmental laws.
In the latest Field Pool, California voters gave Schwarzenegger the lowest rating of his career,
with his approval dropping to only 23 percent in March, down from 27 percent in October. This is as
low as Governor Gray Davis’s rating was in 2003 before he was recalled in a special election.
I suspect that Schwarzenegger may be receiving the award because of his close relationship to Robert
F. Kennedy Jr., and other Kennedy family members through his marriage to Maria Shriver.
Regardless of the reasoning behind it, the honoring of Schwarzenegger in an insult to the fishermen,
Indian Tribes, environmentalists and others who have been under assault by his policies. Kennedy and
the Riverkeeper, by giving “green cover” to Schwarzenegger, are in effect endorsing his war on fish
and fishermen. This is greenwashing at its worst and most shameless.
There is no doubt that George W. Bush, a man that Kennedy repeatedly criticized for his bad
environmental policies, ravaged fish and the environment during his long eight years in office.
However, Schwarzenegger has exceeded even Bush’s fervor in his war on fish and the environment –and
Kennedy and the Riverkeeper are honoring him!
The Hudson Riverkeeper is honoring Schwarzenegger the “Green Governor” for his incessant and cynical
grandstanding on “global warming” and “green energy.” Since being elected in 2003, Schwarzenegger’s
record includes the following examples of “environmental advocacy”:
• He allowed the Department of Water Resources to pump record levels of water out of the Delta from
2004 to 2007, resulting in the current Central Valley salmon and California Delta pelagic species
collapses.The largest annual water export levels in history occurred in 2003 (6.3 million acre
feet), 2004 (6.1 MAF), 2005 (6.5 MAF) and 2006 (6.3 MAF). Exports averaged 4.6 MAF annually between
1990 and 1999 and increasing to an average of 6 MAF between 2000 and 2007, a rise of almost 30
percent, according to the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance.
• He has vetoed numerous environmental bills, including a badly needed bill by Lois Wolk that would
provide for emergency fish rescue plans.
• He has consistently slashed funding for game wardens in the field while California has the lowest
ratio of wardens to residents of any state in the nation.
• He directed the Central Valley Regional Water Control Board to continue to grant waivers to
agricultural polluters, in spite of the dire condition of Delta fisheries.
• Since 2004, he has fast-tracked a controversial Marine Protected Area (MPA) process filled with
conflicts of interest and corruption that kicks sustainable fishermen, Indian tribal members and
seaweed harvesters off the water while refusing to deal with pollution, coastal development and
other human uses of the ocean that have lead to fishery declines.
• Schwarzenegger recently introduced a bill that would allow the lame-duck Governor to choose 25
development projects each year that would be exempt from the state’s strict standards under the
California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (ttp://
However, Schwarzenegger’s greatest passion is to make the Delta a polluted “fish-free” zone by
campaigning with Senator Dianne Feinstein for a massive peripheral canal and more dams that will
cost an estimated $23 billion to $53.8 billion at a time that the state of California doesn’t have
enough money to pay for its teachers, game wardens and health care for children.
In November, Schwarzenegger and Legislative Leaders pushed through a controversial water
policy/water bond package that creates a clear path to the peripheral canal and new dams. If not
stopped, the canal will likely lead to the extinction of Central Valley salmon and Delta fish
In addition, at photo opportunities and in press conferences Schwarzenegger has continually attacked
the court-ordered biological opinions for Delta smelt and Central Valley salmon. These plans
conclude that current water pumping operations in the Federal Central Valley Project and the
California State Water Project should be changed to ensure survival of Delta smelt, winter and
spring-run Chinook salmon, Central Valley steelhead, the southern population of North American green
sturgeon and southern Resident killer whales. The whales rely on Chinook salmon runs for food.
“This federal biological opinion puts fish above the needs of millions of Californians and the
health and security of the world’s eighth largest economy,” claimed Schwarzenegger in a press
release on June 4, 2009. “The piling on of one federal court decision after another in a
species-by-species approach is killing our economy and undermining the integrity of the Endangered
Species Act” (
Schwarzenegger neglected to point out that sustainable fisheries contribute billions of dollars to
the California economy and thousands of jobs. He also failed to note that his administration’s
polices of record exports have led to the collapse of fall run Chinook salmon, the driver of West
Coast salmon fisheries (
A record low of only 39,530 fall Chinook adults returned to the Sacramento River basin to spawn in
2009. This contrasts with nearly 800,000 salmon in 2002.
Southwick Associates have estimated that the season closures caused by the collapse of Central
Valley salmon cost an estimated 23,000 jobs and $2.8 billion in the California economy alone,
according to Dick Pool, administrator of California has over 2,000 small and medium
businesses that derive most or all of their income from the recreational and commercial salmon
So tonight a “Fishermens’ Ball,” sponsored by a group that was founded by commercial and
recreational fishermen, will “honor” for his “environmental advocacy” a Governor that is the
greatest enemy of fish, fishermen and the environment in California history.
Although I have admired R.F.K. Jr. and the Riverkeeper for their great efforts to restore the Hudson
River, they h ave flushed their credibility down the toilet of history by honoring the “Fish
Terminator” for his “environmental advocacy” tonight.
“The award is a farce,” said Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, campaign director of Restore the Delta.
“Schwarzenegger is perpetuating a water delivery system that will wipe out what’s left of California
’s salmon run and will deal the final death blow to the Delta. This award is a classic example of
“Governor Schwarzenegger’s term has been a disaster as far as protection of water quality and
fisheries in California is concerned,” said Bill Jennings, executive director of the California
Sportfishing Protection Alliance and former Deltakeeper, who emphasized that he has enormous respect
for RFK, Jr., and his environmental work. “Schwarzenegger has used his stance on air quality as a
cover and shield for the harm he has done on water issues.”
Jennings, whose organization has 55 pending appeals and several lawsuits directed against the
Schwarzenegger administration, is puzzled why the Riverkeeper, an organization that focuses on water
quality, is awarding the Governor for his stance on air quality.
The Governor’s remarks from the “Fishermen’s Ball” will be webcast live at
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Here Arnold, I got something for you, why don’t you sit on this for awhile:
ivanpah032410hike 047

What a pair of jackasses! The governator and the wanna be environmentalist when
I grow up one day wonderboy! I apologize folks for getting carried away here, it won’t
happen again.(at least not in this post!)

This next photo shows the two honorees out doing a field survey at the Ivanpah BrightSource
site recently. Boy I bet they were surprised to see me! I was shocked and forgot to zoom in.
arnie and bobby jr Sorry for the poor quality of the above photograph, being a paparazzi is not as easy as I thought!
The big muscular one on the left is Arnie and the scrawny one on the right is Bobby Jr!

Below is what the guests at the ball should have been given on the way in to the gala black tie event, the very minimum award that could be bestowed upon the honorees by the adoring, fawning
ivanpahfieldtrip 011
Oh my, how much fun would it have been to be there at such an honored event in history,
and to bestow upon the two honorees the homage and respect that they so richly deserve!

Two steaming piles of roadapples for two of the biggest b-llsh-tter’s in recent memory!
What great theater! What a sign of the times!

I hope they choke on their awards.

Tell us how you really feel!