Monday, April 26, 2010

Ivanpah doomed? Has John Woolard, ceo BrightSource Energy gotten the last word?

Here is a message that I sent out to the Sirra Club list serv today:

Recently I came across a video which was mentioned on this list, where
Mr. Woolard
went on at great length about his background as an urban planner, graduate study
work, how his company moves very slowly and carefully before picking a
site, even talking about how they look only for disturbed land, why he
even mentions Ivanpah being disturbed
by cattle grazing there!
Sorry to disturb the collegial, cerebral atmosphere here on this
mailing list but:
Are we going to let this clown have the last word on this matter?
Moves slowly, my a--!
They are already putting the construction markers up in place, I saw
them but failed to
remember seeing them when I made my last Ivanpah post on my blog, and
Shaun over at
the Mojave Desert Blog also had photos of the flags up.
I'm going to invite all readers to see my fieldtrip reports to Ivanpah
on my blog. You look at it, does Ivanpah look disturbed to you? I
think the only scattered trash I saw was a balloon, a construction
pail, and some rusty tin cans that had been there for decades! Or go
to and see their reports on Ivanpah.
Here's an invitation to all
the high muckedy mucks at the Sierra Club leadership who think climate
the stroking of the corporate donor egos and checkbooks involved) is
the paramount issue and we must sacrifice for the greater good, I
extend the same invitation that I recently made to our environmental
governor in chief on my blog(made via picture)- GO SIT ON A YUCCA
LEAF,THEN MAYBE YOU'LL GET THE POINT! The Mojave desert is about to be
raped and pillaged, understand?
Sorry for shouting,it's possible I might care just a little for the
Mojave and Ivanpah, go
checkout the blog, relax there are no ads, the only thing I am trying
to sell is just get
off the fence for once, yes I know there are no thousand year old
redwoods at Ivanpah, but how about hundreds and thousand year old
creosote growth rings? Respect your elders, I was taught growing up in
Georgia, so I respect that the creosote and other plantlife there has
hung on all those years, in spite of it all.
But this nonchalance, just may be the end of it all.
Here's the link to the video if you haven't seen it and also there are
2 links to my fieldtrip to Ivanpah:
Here is a link to my 1st Ivanpah fieldtrip:
I'm just a bus driver, probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer,
but I think I've been around long enough to recognize a pat on the
head, now go to your room and let the adults handle the situation, or
maybe it's more the fix is in perhaps, maybe BrightSource or Tessero
will be funding a new conservation project somewhere who knows?
Guess we won't know until the dust from the mowers and earthmovers
settles at Ivanpah soon before we know the answer.
Bill Mcdonald

I am reposting the message to this blog, just in case I somehow didn’t get
the syntax right and my message gets kicked out by their server.

The message speaks for itself, and I won’t repeat my arguments here. But I
do want to mention why I wrote this missive above.

I recently received an email from someone requesting where I got my information
on a different matter. I sent the information and just on a lark googled the name
of the person who I discovered to be an accomplished individual with a record
of supporting wilderness etc. Then later I see where the Sierra Club’s recent
election has some people thinking perhaps that the emphasis there may now be
more on the corporate donors perhaps, then I saw the word Ivanpah, and the
rest is history as they say.

I honestly don’t know the official Sierra Club position on Ivanpah, I do know that they intervened and offered a different site location for Ivanpah, basically move it closer to the freeway, I think, but I think that’s it. I do know their guy in charge of these matters
said something to the effect that some sacrifices may have to be made…..

Oh God, how I long for those old days of just a few short decades ago, before the
big companies and their big checkbooks became such a part of the process, and hijacked
the movement. In the old days, one environmental group or the other would have slapped
a federal law suit so fast on BrightSource, the BLM, and Dept of Interior, CEC, and the
state of California so fast, their heads would still be spinning! Then we’d pass the hat
around, digging into our pockets as deep as our conscience requires, to keep the lawyers

God how I long for those days. And how I long for a shining GREEN KNIGHT to ride to
the Ivanpah Valley’s rescue!
archivecd18 108

Time will tell if those hopes are in vain, but that hope will spur us on to keep fighting
for Ivanpah and other wild places, that though without redwoods, are still worthy of our
respect and protection.