Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ridgecrest Solar, has the decisive moment occurred?

Yesterday it was reported by our friends over at
that, in an unprecedented move for a solar power firm, Solar Millennium has
requested that its’ Ridgecrest project be pulled from “fast track” status to allow
for more time to work out the biological issues facing it. I am referring, of course,
to the main issues being desert tortoise and mojave ground squirrel concerns,
which caused the CEC staff to recommend against approval for this project at its’ current Brown Rd location.

Sometimes in life, events occur which later, in hindsight, are decisive in that they
happened when they did. Perhaps this will be one of those moments. The forces
arrayed against the deserts are powerful but they are not all powerful. And it seems
to me, despite all the high falutin language in these prospectus like documents that
you find on the government dockets page, that some of these guys are flying by
the seat of their pants, you know what I mean, Vern?

How could Solar Millennium with all their biologists on staff, all the scientific evidence
available for their perusal, how could they ignore the alternative site proposals and
settle on this site, which has one of the highest %’s of endangered desert
tortoises in all the mojave and is smack dab in the middle of a major mojave
ground squirrel connecting corridor, duh, I think we got a problem here, boss.

Maybe at last, this respite will give the CEC members the time that they need to, uh, here
I go again, just can’t help myself, to grow a pair, and stand up for the

I guess I should tell you guys that one of my favorite sayings is “hope springs eternal”.

Morongobill out.

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