Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend reading, highly recommended!

It appears I am going to be driving the San Pedro trolley this
weekend which runs from Fountain Plaza over to downtown
and then to the Maritime Museum, Ports O’ Call, and back to
where I started. There is no internet access and it is usually
about an eleven hour day. I should be doing this Saturday
and Sunday.

Since I probably will not be able to do research on the net to
come up with the “award winning” blogging you guys have come
to expect here on the backporch, I have decided to offer a reading
list, some things to check out.

Here is a very interesting article which chronicles Bill Gross of
IdeaLabs from his teenage years, then working his way through
college the first couple years with his own solar ideas, to being
the startup king of the net, and his return to renewable energy
with eSolar. This is a 5 page article written in typical Wired Magazine
style, meaning it goes into some detail and is fun to read.

Here is another excellent read. This story in the NY Times is about
families who live on top of a mesa about 30 miles or so from Albuquerque,
New Mexico where for decades they have resided with no water or
electric infrastructure at all. Hopefully, you can just click this link to
get to the story and not have to register, but if you do, there is no charge.

Here is an interesting website devoted to the writings of Bo Kelley,
world traveler and landowner, who resides way out in the wilds of the
California desert in a homestead he calls “scorpion’s crotch”, when he’s
in the U.S.A. He is the guy who lives underground to get out of the heat
and used to have a rattlesnake that lived right by his front door!

This should keep you busy for a while, have a good weekend, maybe
I will see you in San Pedro.



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