Thursday, April 8, 2010

What’s going on with this blog(ger)

Folks, lately I have been neglecting this blog, I know.

Most of today, I was reading over the latest documents regarding the
Ridgecrest Solar Millenium Proposal, before that I went through the
Palmdale hybrid plant and Victorville hybrid plant doc’s.

Stephen King has nothing to worry about, trust me.

I am afraid I will be having nightmares where I recite LORS and other
mumbo jumbo to the masses.

I honestly don’t know how the intervenors do it, manage to read all this
boiler plate, drive around and hike the various locations of these plants,
most of which are way out in bum--- stop right there, no profanity! And
then they drive to Sacramento or wherever and testify, with all that entails,
you know hurry up and wait!

And my fellow bloggers who have such a great command of these issues
and of the writing craft, I feel honored to be writing in their shadows, most
of them have forgotten more about this stuff than I will ever know, and thanks
so much for all you do, to help keep this wonderful place, wild and free.

As for me, yes work has slowed, and money isn’t growing on trees, and I admit
some frustration with Wiki-whatever, but it’s only because I feel the story there
is being told through only one point of view, but that’s okay, we keep on going.
My fervent wish is that you will keep stopping in here at the backporch, and
together, we will take this journey, at times circuitous, dodging a desert tortoise
burrow here, tripping over a barrel cactus there, running from a very angry burro
down a wash, tossing a road apple if needed, sneaking up on a BrightSource
biologist- just kidding folks!

Be well, okay?



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