Sunday, April 11, 2010

When are we ever going to learn?

This post was prompted by some reading I did this morning over
at and

The Mojave Desert Blog post talked about bad business decisions
by these solar companies causing them to site their projects in wilderness
areas or endangered species rich areas, and that leading inexorably
to outcries from some about moving the project elsewhere, and then the
project’s backers blaming it all on the turtles or squirrels, when if the
(pardon the french) companies hadn’t been so intent on latching onto
to the last remaining,the hind teat of the taxpayers, you
know the last one, since the bankers took the rest of
the teats,
and maybe taken the time to do their due-diligence and actually
in a thoughtful way, search carefully for their solar and wind project sites,
then maybe this project might have went more smoothly and with less potential
destruction to the environment or quite frankly, to the reputation of the companies
involved. I mean, come on, Mr. Woolard@ BrightSource Energy, in a video
posted here just a couple of days ago, said they chose that Ivanpah site because
it had been disturbed by cattle grazing. How asinine a comment is that? Is that
the best they can do? Maybe if they’d stop and smell the lattes a bit, regroup,
or maybe jump back into their Escalades and drive back down to the Yates Well
exit, drive up the road a ways, and just spend the night, stereos off, windows rolled down
way up near the wilderness areas there that their project will impact in so many ways,
let the solitude and beauty sink in, maybe they’d possibly be open to change.
But enough dreaming, on to another thought.
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Over at another site, wild ramblings, which I highly recommend to all you “backporchians”
I came across a link to a National Public Radio article and broadcast about recycling
the most toxic, long radioactive lived spent nuclear waste. See that here:
Evidently the technology exists to reprocess that extremely deadly spent fuel and to
basically recycle it somehow, I may be describing this incorrectly and I’m sure I’ll
be corrected, and yes, it is very expensive,etc but remember, long after we are dead
and gone, maybe evolved into pure energy as in 2010 the movie, became one with
the MONOLITH, this toxic waste will still be as deadly as it is right now.

But instead, we of course, had to spend hundreds of millions, no billions of dollars of
taxpayer money trying to shove Yucca Mountain down everyone’s throats or up their
------, depending on how you look at it, and in effect putting another nail right into the
heart of the Mojave Desert!

I’m telling you, sometimes I just wanna shout “Beam me up, Mr. Scott, there’s
no intelligent life down here!”