Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wikipedia article followup

I went back to the article tonight and saw where someone was being clever
and inserted between the lines of my comments about the casino and power
plant being close by, etc,etc.

In return, I cleverly cut and pasted my comments back where they were
and added a couple of links to the CEC Ivanpah Docket page where the
Biological Mitigation Proposal as well as an intervenor document from our
friends at Basin and Range Watch, chock full of beautiful photos of the
site as well as plant and animal life, can be downloaded.

The comments from the other editor were not touched by me at all, I just moved
my comments back where they were in the first place.

Evidently the other side is watching that document like a hawk!

That’s okay, we love a good give and take here on the backporch!

Here is the link to the article and remember you are most welcome to edit as you
see fit.

Folks, some help please. If you know how to add pictures or video to Wikipedia
please shed some light on the process. You can either comment at the end of this
post or email me at:

Thanks for the help.