Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Working and no place to live, maybe coming soon to a desert near you?

Here is a video and accompanying article from today’s New York Times about the
situation in Williston, North Dakota where there are lots and lots of great paying
jobs and no place to live.

North Dakota is a state with around 4% unemployment, 800 million dollar budget
surplus, and many, many jobs available in the oil and gas business, high paying jobs
but as the video and article point out, no place to live. Every hotel room and
apartment are taken and whole families are forced to stay together in one motel
room for months on end when they find a room. A dire situation.

How is that of any concern to this blog which is devoted to issues that have an effect
on the Mojave desert? Because, let’s say, the feds and state and big money green power
interests force through every proposal on the books and start the earthmovers up for
every project out in the desert. There will be thousands and thousands of men and women
looking for a place to stay with their families while the work goes on, in some cases for two years or more.

How many of my readers have travelled through the Mojave and other deserts out here
in California? A few I’m sure. The majority of these planned pipe dreams, I mean solar
and wind projects are far out, not the 60’s term, far out in the desert miles from a town, in
some cases hundreds of miles. Now I have personal experience with a two hundred mile a day roundtrip commute for over four years, and I did it because I owned two homes in the
place I wanted to be in, the desert, but most people I think don’t relish the idea of that
kind of commuting. Where are these workers and their families going to live once all these
fast tracked projects kick in and the work begins on the final industrialization and destruction of our beautiful deserts?

If the talking heads and policymakers think they’ll all fit in Ludlow or Goffs or Baker or
Twentynine Palms, etc they are mistaken. They won’t. And this area is as hard to live in
as any in the country, even if you had a million dollar mobile mansion! How many of the workers are going to be driving in to the area, riding along in their home? Not many but
they better start thinking about it, really.

This is just another example of how something may look good on paper to some folks
but then fails due to lack of thinking the situation through, you know, kind of like a chess
game where you think several moves ahead and not just about your immediate move
at the moment.

This may sound alarmist to some, but check out this video and read the article and you
decide if I am crying wolf and tell me about via your comments to this post.

Folks sorry I can not get the link for the video to display here so please go to the above
link and read the story at the NYT. You can click on the video from that page to watch.
Or you can go to my facebook page, morongobill.



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