Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blown out oil well leads to”St. Paul on the road to Damascus” moment for our “Environmental Governor”

With amazement, I read the story online and heard it on the radio. Our Governator,
the Terminator, saw the images from the Gulf of Mexico and in a transcendent
moment, decided to not push for drilling off the California coast after all. In what
this blogger can only think had to do with spiritual reasons and not the more, dare
I say, crass political poll realities that would reflect Californians’ elephant-like
memories of the Santa Barbara oil spill disaster of 40 years ago, memories brought
back to life by the news from the Gulf, and sure to doom any talk of said drilling here
at this time, and for the foreseeable future.

This old bus driver almost ran off the road, so shocked and moved by such an event
of such religious import having occurred. I immediately saw the similarities to the
famed moment two millennium ago when Saul of Tarsis became Saint Paul, on that
dusty Damascus road, and could only feel my heart swelling and the sensation of
my eyes watering, I was in the moment, in the presence of an “other worldly” entity

It’s taken a few days but I have finally recovered my wits enough to try to be able to
scribble out these poor, sparse words and to be able to relay this news to my dear
readers. Our governator is now a changed man, a giant amongst us, not held down
by our brutish natures, but an Icarus spreading his wings and flying upwards toward
the sun, that same sun he so proudly serves as he leads the charge to place a solar
dish where every creosote presently exists, a transmission line corridor through each
and every last remaining unspoiled and oftentimes, protected plant and animal species
habitat area, and a wind turbine atop every mountain ridge and top throughout this
great state of Kalifornia.

But fear not, little ones. Perhaps, like in the legends of old, he will fly way up there
high above us mere mortals, and get too close to the sun, and spiral back down here
to a rocky landing, chastened by the journey. We can always hope, as some say,
hope springs eternal.

But our Arnie has shown himself, with one gaffe or misstep after another, to be singularly
blessed with an inability to learn from his self-inflicted rhetoric and action caused
mistakes. And notwithstanding the possible religious conversion, this blogger has no
doubts whatsoever, that he will learn absolutely nothing from this event now unfolding
before us.

What is it going to take to finally get us away from our cars and tv remote controls, what
massive environmental disaster will it take, before we finally see that we can’t keep on
raping this planet over and over, taking what we want at any cost, does the Gulf of Mexico
and our coastlines around it have to become “dead zones”, devoid of life, to finally get
us to say enough, let’s try another way? Does the whole Mojave desert have to be paved
over, with the loss of most of its’ plant and animal life, to wake up our consciences?

Unfortunately, my friends, I feel we will never wake up. Just like those smoking addicts
I have seen with a cigarette in their mouth while taking oxygen via a nasal cannula, we
and I mean every last one of us, including me, are hooked on cheap energy, and even
when our survival is at stake, we’ll still be looking for that electrical outlet to plug into.

It’s sad but I am sorry to say, true.



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