Thursday, May 27, 2010

Change- this blog, ourselves, and our government.

The first change made today is that I am dropping out of the nature blog network.
After thinking about it for a long time, it seems to me that this blog, while having a
little nature in it, is more in the green category and that direction really seems to
be what I have mostly posted about and that I am interested in.

After the latest drilling debacle down off Louisiana, it should be as clear as a bell
to all concerned that something has to change. We are not going to be able to
”drill,baby,drill” our way out of this mess we are in. On the other hand, we just can’t
cover every square foot of desert with mirrors and windmills either.

I don’t have the answer, and I’ll let you in on a little secret, neither do our masters
in the government(s) nor their masters at the corporations! The answer is out there
somewhere, we just haven’t found it or we have the answer at hand and don’t have
the will to do what it takes to get out of this mess.

Maybe a lot of pain, is just the prescription needed, to get ourselves as a people and
a nation back on track. Some real sacrifice, not the self indulgent sacrifice we have
made so far. Perhaps if the lights were turned off for a while that might be enough to
get our attention as a nation.

A little historical perspective here, just to illustrate a past example of sacrifice. Around
two thousand years ago, Rome was under attack from the Carthaginian forces led by
Hannibal, who had crossed the Alps and was making his way down the peninsula.
The armies did battle at Cannae and when the dust settled that night, the Romans
had suffered around 50,000 dead. That was in one afternoon. Including this battle, Rome
in around 20 months lost 1/5th of the entire population over 17 years of age. Rome
was in real danger of being wiped out. Yet history shows years later that they completely
wiped out the city of Carthage.

I think that the people fought for their homes and farms, their way of life, and for the republic that they believed in at that time. They endured many years of unending sacrifice
and loss, losing battle after battle, but never stopped believing in themselves or, as
hard as it is to believe in this cynical times, their government.

I am not suggesting that we need to make this kind of sacrifice. But we definitely need
to do more than we are currently doing, and we need to do it smarter. What kind of sense
does it make, after this unbelievable awful debacle in the Gulf of Mexico, to put a 6 month
moratorium on future offshore drilling, and yes I am thinking the Arctic drilling proposal,
I mean use some common sense here, just imagine how much more difficult it would be
to try to shut down a runaway offshore deepwater well, when you are dodging huge
ice floes! It’s patently ridiculous on its’ face.

We need our politicians and so called policy makers to lay off the “rubber chicken
banquet circuit” for a while and get their behinds out from behind their rolodexes which
are set up on the big donor pages, and put on a hard hat and go out to the scene of the
crime, so to speak, maybe even do as a friend and fellow blogger suggests, clean a few
oil drenched birds, maybe then it’ll finally sink in, the devastation that has occurred to
this region, devastation I fear is just unfolding and will continue doing so long after we
have died and left the scene.

It’s just an absolute disgrace what has happened to this region and others affected by
”big oil”.

Let me close by mentioning that BP used to say that stood for beyond petroleum, I just
hope, like for the big bankers and investment banking houses, it doesn’t stand for
beyond prosecution”.



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